Relocating To A Nearby Retirement Village

Regardless of the location or style of the facility or the financial capability of the target resident, concerns from the market segment with the highest potential PIs appear to be consistent across all marketing activities developed by the Australian Retirement Village and care facility operators senior.

This section was reported to be growing in size and level of frustration, and logically acknowledged the time to move to a retirement village or senior welfare facility, but is being denied for financial and logistical reasons. From a financial point of view, they cannot sell their current home at a price they feel is worth it, or a \”conversion\” price will require too high a percentage of their current housing capital to promote investment in selected retirement accommodation. Logically, the delay is unacceptable due to the prospect of organizing a family for sale, preparing a home, and then relocating acquired goods over a lifetime to less extensive accommodation.


The right decision does not go ahead.


So, instead of reducing the discounted price even in the case of ineffective camouflage, such as the recent ad headline \’Price was modified to meet market value\’ or the reworking of already confusing DMF options, the \”Migration Package\” is proposed mentally retired Prospective residents who are ready to move to the hostel, but whose financial figures do not increase or cannot overcome the logistical problems, are intended.


The relocation package I am proposing (requires a specific marketable name for the supplier) is included in the financial arrangement with the new resident at no extra cost and may include the following combinations:


  • Dependent evaluation of existing homes to ensure the real estate is brought to market at a feasible price. It also provides peace of mind that sellers want to maximize sales revenue.
  • Services from experienced professional organizers/stylists to mature street vendors, including vouchers for furniture and plant rentals, as well as tidying up and organizing your home before the sale, ensure the most present property for the seller.
  • Recommended expert suggestions to handle personal effects through garage sales, eBay, and newspaper or charity ads.
  • Provides tranquillity through mature migrant experts / remote services for mature seniors and manages all logistics in progress, for example, utilities and addresses activity changes.
  • Selection of a significant real estate franchise and a significant reduction in negotiated sales fees.
  • A significant reduction in fees charged by a choice of real estate carriers.
  • Voucher for a contractor to maintain the painting and garden.


The contribution of retirement villages New Zealand or the elder welfare provider to the cost of the package will be a relatively small percentage of the value of the package (probably 25 to 50 cents). A 1 dollar price discount or a reduction in DMF affects 100 cents profitability in dollars now or in the future.

Well-argued arguments for discount prices are well documented, but in most market downturns, regardless of long-term brand damage at the individual operator and industry level, the price drop seems irresistible enough.


So the question remains. Do retirement villages and senior welfare providers want to implement margin reduction by discounting headlines or attracting new residents by focusing on specific obstacles that are facing and delaying expectations?


The effect of price discounts is evident in industry sales statistics. It is time to try out the relocation package.